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London wants to disclose the names of minors involved    

Britnica Interior Minister, Theresa May, believes that courts should stop protecting the identity of dozens of children that they give go through the courts for alleged implicacin in rioting that rocked for four das, different parts of London and other major cities in England. May announced yesterday that the Public Prosecutor for the Crown prosecutors to instruct the PUBLIC to ask the judges to lift the restrictions that, runescape gold, prevent disclosing the name of minors.
Judging by the words of May, the Government decided to deepen est the maximums goes tough on street violence. This is the context also the impetus for orders of eviction from council housing if the beneficiaries have been involved in the riots.
The withdrawal of such benefits, supported by a citizens' initiative before the Parliament that,buy runescape gold, over 100,000 accessions, does not enjoy the full agreement of the class policy. Liberal Party vice-president Demcrata, Simon Hughes, carg yesterday against the evictions of tenants and asked not to rush through such measures.
Different organizations working against inequality and for the integration of the most disadvantaged also emphasized  cheap runescape gold the character of 'double jeopardy' of a punishment that does not apply to other dndants for the same crimes but non-violence these das.

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