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Fallen Earth Delivery Method:
We use safety tested delivery methods.
Safe Trade for Fallen Earth: We meet you in-game and trade face to face. We ask you to provide a junk items in the trade window and makes it look like a real trade to Fallen Earth LLC.
Sizzling Delivery Speeds:
We know you need your Fallen Earth Poker Chips fast. We always keep our stock at 1,000,000+. If your order amount is less than 500,000, we regularly clock our delivery team's speed at 5-10 minutes. If your order has not been processed within 3 hours, we will increase your order amount by 5% extra for orders up to 500,000.
More than Chips
We don't just sell Fallen Earth Chips,we sell speed,security,and reliability! Everything you need,with no fluff.We also sell excellent 24/7 customer service for your peace of mind.
Order security
No order or customer is left behind here. We guarantee an instant delivery or an instant refund with no excuses, debate, or hassles. Not only is your order secure, so is your character: Our Fallen Earth chips are clean of exploits and botting because they only come from old fashioned work.
Because you can lean back and relax after your purchase.
We'll do the work and come to you. And if you have any questions or concerns, we're as near as your computer or telephone. We also never sleep! 24x7 is our gold standard.

Attention: will never ask you to return Fallen Earth Chips in game.
Do not give away your chips to someone claiming to be In the unfathomable event that for some reason we ever did need to take a return on chips, we would call you, not message you in-game.

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