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DCUO Cash Delivery Method:
We recommend the following delivery method.
Ingame Trade: We will deliver DCUO cash face to face ingame. Please provide a junk DCUO Influence Points in the trade window and makes it look like a real trade to Gala-Net.
Delivery Time Guarantee:
We know you need your DC Universe Online Gold fast. We always keep our stock at 20000G. If your order amount is less than 5000G, we are usually able to delivery within 10 mins to 1 hour. If your order is not been processed within 3 hours, we will increase your order amount by 5% extra. (less than or equal to 5000G), and continue working on delivering your cash ASAP!
Because the best deal counts
Remember, DeanSale will always offer the maximum for your DCUO Bucks, The maximum speed, security, and reliability! That’s surely more than you can expect from those risky and cheap sellers that play Russian Roulette with your characters.
Because your purchase is secure here – and your char too.
No order is left behind at our company. Guaranteed delivery or refund. Uncompromising security is legal security. We are the only agency of this kind with a legal venue in US. By the way: our services are, of course, legal. We won’t endanger your character.
Because you can lean back and relax after your purchase.
In case you do happen to have questions though, our round the clock support is there for you.

DeanSale will never ask you to return DCUO Cash in game. We will always ask you to come on the Live Help or leave a message to discuss any issue. Do not give away your currency to someone claiming to be DeanSale.

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